Melior Consulting is a boutique legal consultancy offering practical legal advice to overwhelmed entrepreneurs who want to get compliant and feel confident about their understanding of the law.

If the legal fraternity sounds like a bunch of Latin to you, we don’t blame you! In that same vein, we were inspired by the language when choosing our name, “Melior”. In Latin, it means “SUPERIOR” or “BETTER” – and that’s the service you can expect whenever you call us in a pinch.

We are based in Kloof, Durban and work in association with JobLaw KZN to provide you with topnotch legal support, without the stuffy, outdated approach. We understand the unique needs of micro entrepreneurs, moms and women in the workplace, and all our solutions are tailored to your environment, and your vision. Whether you crave flexibility, security or peace of mind – we know how to apply the law so you can reach your goals for your life and business.


Hi! I’m Cayleigh.

It’s tough (and expensive) to get access to superior legal advice as a small business owner.

So, I created Melior to give you the finest support an attorney can offer, without the big words and long documents that have you spending hours on Google!

Together we will journey to make sense of the law in your business, and tailor solutions that fit your vibe, your vision for your biz, and the people who help you make it happen. #dreamteambaby

My legal journey began at the University of the Free State, where I obtained my LLB but, my passion for fairness and equality (and a fine glass of red wine), is definitely inspired by my father, who was a reputable attorney until he suddenly passed away in 2017.

After marrying the love of my life and becoming Mrs. Fourie in June 2018, I was immersed into a family of entrepreneurs (shout out to my friends who have kick ass businesses too) where I further developed my excitement for offering legal advice that is uncomplicated and contextually relevant so you can focus on what you do best!

While my Australian Shepherds, Bailey and Ruby are my only children (for now), I am also dedicated to the plight of women and mammas in the workplace, and use Labour Law to ensure that you receive the dignity, freedom and flexibility you deserve.

When we’re not on lock down, I love to travel (give me Maldives or New York any day) or simply escape into nature for an extra dose of Vitamin D.


We were extremely impressed!

As registered Aussie breeders, we approached Melior to draw up new contracts that would hold up in court.

We were extremely impressed as Cayleigh had covered areas we didn’t think of! The new puppy owners were also very impressed with the contact as they could see that she had protected them too!

Louise and Geraldine Miller | Kenstaff Australian Shepherds


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